Thursday, April 12, 2012

The King

It's very hard.  We know his time is up.  Does he know?  What does he know?  We have to balance that fine line of knowing that he still has some enjoyment in life, and - well - fearing that he doesn't.  Yesterday I was still a believer in his intrinsic toughness, his ability to keep going, his capacity to feed my own attempts at magical thinking.  This morning, he seemed to have crossed over that line - not into unhappiness, but into a certain discomfort, and inwardness, and his bounce has gone.  So tomorrow - ah, tomorrow.  It's too sad to write.


  1. :((((((

    So sad, so very sad. Found your blog in searching for a photo of the ocotillo wells cactus (and found it, thankfully), though now I am much sadder than I bargained for.

    Being a cat-owner as well - my kittums is 11 and still very kitten-y. Thank you for not keeping your cat beyond what you feel was right. Many hugs and good wishes for feeling better soon.

  2. Hi Pantherqueen,

    Thank you so very much for your kind words of sympathy. It was a sad summer - we lost our other elderly cat, too, very rapidly, to cancer. But we have two happy bouncy shelter kittens, as well as our 4 and our 5 year olds - so we're a happy kitty family again.

    warm hugs.