Sunday, April 29, 2012

for those with new kittens

There seem to be kittens galore among my friends in Los Angeles: this is for them!  It's one of three paintings above a pet/garden store in Durham NC (dated 2008, so new since I was here, I think) - and I saw them when I was prowling around my old 9th Street haunts.  I'd forgotten - well, no, I hadn't for a minute - I was really happy to be back (despite my love of palm trees and desert - maybe I'm just happy anywhere) in the deep leafiness of North Carolina in the springtime, with (as I walked the 3 mile loop round Duke Golf Course woods) cardinals, and jays, and all kinds of large finches flying around, and a 6 foot rat snake sliding through the dead leaves.  S/he was very pretty, with a black body and a mottled grey and white patch under her chin - we could give her a good home back in LA since - whisper this - we've seen roof rats, once or twice, scuttling down the terrace rails at dusk, and leaping into the big cypress trees.  But it's not safe kitty hunting territory, forty feet off street level ... so that snake would come in handy.

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