Monday, September 10, 2012

by design?

I don't know.  Where does the deliberate advertising of the custom signage begin, and where does it give way to graffiti/street painting?  Is this sanctioned by the business inside, or not?  Or did a black wall get hit by a gang of peculiarly design-literate artists?  Was there an under layer of much more mundane tagging that's been superseded by the brightly colored stuff?  And - we're discussing "evidence" in tomorrow's Visual Studies class - what might one say that this was evidence of?  And what evidence might one need to interpret it further?  And why did I take this particular image?  Peter Burke's Eyewitnessing quotes Roy Stryker, in 1940: "The moment that a photographer selects a subject, he is working upon the basis of a bias that is parallel to the bias expressed by a historian."  True ... but does this tell one about anything more than my predilection for street art, and my sense of obligation to find a daily image, and - o wonderful fortuity - the fact that there wasn't any traffic coming in the opposite direction, and that I was stopped at a light?

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