Monday, September 24, 2012

putting the boot in

Here's the next one in my series of Amateur Merchandise Illustrations - a work boot.  Actually I've never heard of Carolina Shoes, or Boots - after a quick google, I find that they look suspiciously like the kind of footwear that in theory I'm quite partial to, but in practice find that they rub holes in my feet.  Cf the number of Doc Martens and Frye boots, etc, that I've purchased over the years, clearly appealing to some butch/practical/tough-girl fantasy side of myself, and yet rarely wearing.  In practice, they are the kind of thing that - currently, judging by the USC campus - look very good on waif-like 19 year olds with gauzy floral mini skirts - in other words, a look that I would have been very unwise ever to have aspired to.

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