Saturday, September 29, 2012

radical madison

One extra bonus of being in Madison is its fighting, radical spirit!  This was quite the oddest conference intervention I've ever experienced.  There we were at morning coffee, and - first the drums, then the wind instruments, then the accordion - a whole rag tag and bobtail carnivalesque marching band traveled through (whether by pre-arrangement or not, who knows), and disappeared off down the escalator into the bowels of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed conference center.  That sign?  MITT SWEPT OUR JOBS AWAY TO RED CHINA.  SHAME!  America is so strange when it comes to elections.  In California,, you'd hardly know that there was a presidential election happening - I've seen one Romnay/Ryan car sticker on a BMW Z4 in West Hollywood, one OBAMANOS! one (and o.k., that's cheating, since it's on my own car), and a handful of Obama lawn signs.  Here, on the other hand ... I should try watching breakfast TV, and pick up a handful of political ads ...

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