Thursday, September 27, 2012


Isn't this exquisitely, excruciatingly boring?  This should be the view from a room overlooking over a lake in Madison - but no!  It's the FedEx depot at Dallas Fort Worth airport, with, indeed, some airport in the background.  It's the view from the Hawthorn Suites, which are perfectly habitable, and would be more so if I had some food (somehow microwavable pizza or Mac 'n Cheese in the freezer in the hallway doesn't hack it). I've eaten my freeze-dried kale chips and my power bar.  Of course, I could have rented a car in the airport, and headed off into town, and eaten barbecue and tried on fancy boots ... but I indulged in my fantasy, that if only I have space and time and an internet connection, I can catch up with some admin.  True, but very dull ... Roll on NAVSA, tomorrow ...

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