Saturday, September 8, 2012

onesies production line

Believe me, I hadn't expected to find myself part of a craft workshop today, but it turned out that it was an ideal lunchtime occupation for a baby shower (a very decorous shower - thank goodness, this time, no passing round of mock-soiled diapers: I was terrified that this was some obligatory part of American baby showers, and that going to the second of my life would also turn out to be toe-curlingly embarrassing).  But no!  Designing shapes on sticky-backed paper, and ironing them onto fabric, and cutting out the fabric, and then press-ironing that onto a miniature garment was the greatest of fun.  Of course I made a kitty, and was peculiarly proud to use material that meant the alligator eyes were my kitty's eyes, and that the little bird was in her stomach.  Back to academe and admin again tomorrow - but this was largely a day off, and - self-evidently - a productive one.  That's my kitty, she says proudly, on the right!

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