Monday, September 17, 2012

the abandoned chairs of los angeles

Some of you will remember all those Abandoned Chairs of Highland Park ... here's an AC of Los Angeles, or, to be more exact, of East Hollywood (the other side of the road from us), on Willow Brook Avenue, which I'm quite sure has never seen a willow or a brook.  Somewhere snaking in the background is a stray yellow crime scene tape (can't, in a quick on-line search, find what that might have related to, for which I'm grateful ...).  Given that tomorrow is Reading Cities in our class, I don't think that I've looked at anything much that correlates with this - maybe T. J. Clark on the grey and brown muddy Parisian ban lieu?  It evades sight lines, rational planning, ethnicity or multi-ethnicity (though I suspect it was a Latino or Filipino purchase, that's hardly legible).  It fits in, to be sure, with accounts of waste and detritus and the found object, but I think that stuff comes up in a later week that I've optimistically called "habitus."  I met it whilst walking to the bus - no flaneuse, moi.  Bus!  yes!  for once (car logistics ...) - so that can't be related to Rayner Banham driving on the freeway - the shots of him in Rayner Banham Loves Los Angeles - in London, too, one one of those weird bicycles I'd forgotten about with tiny wheels - were so poignant, since he keeps talking about how crazy and busy the freeways are.  They look almost empty, to me.  It's 1972 - the skyline is a whole lot lower, downtown, too.

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