Saturday, November 3, 2012

against the Ducks

I would love to say that I'd been present at a Famous Victory - though nothing will ever beat being at the game when Rutgers beat the then #3 Louisville in 2006 - a game that led me to believe that miracles can always happen in closing seconds.  But no miracle today.  Those Oregon Ducks are very, very good.  It's so hard to take photographs at football games where one's bag is checked to see that one's not bringing in an SLR (or guns, or alcohol, or whatever).  So strange being at a game in hot sunshine, after those freezing cold New Jersey ones with wet snow blowing sideways - here we were in serious danger of sunburn.

And Walter Gomez is in serious danger of getting the bad cat of the year award, tiptoeing through the orchids, looking for trouble.

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