Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it's been worse

It's hard not to read the graffiti and the ad for the radio station in some kind of tandem, even though the billboard has managed to be up for a good few days before it was written on. I guess that all that bright blank yellow space was just too tempting for words.  Or rather, it invited words: spanto2tone.  I think - so far as Google can take one into gangs and graffiti - that this is actually celebrating/commemorating/signing two different people.  It also seems as though Spanto, at least, hails from Venice (that's Venice, CA, not the place that's been shockingly 70% under water last week), and maybe 2tone as well.  So that's quite a trip eastwards to sign themselves in.

I like the typewriter script, let alone the downbeat nature of the message.  And I like it in Walker-Evans-y black and white ...

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