Thursday, November 22, 2012

tail; paws

Things to be thankful for: beautiful light even in late November; tails; paws.  Visible here - Bitzi (aka DandyLion's) tail, and LucyFur's back legs.  Invisible (but I am no less thankful for) - Alice (not that she has paws or a tail), Moth, and Walter Gomez.  Also invisible - and for which I am not one little bit offering up any thanks - is the very loud party that's going on opposite - we've been back for the length of for or five tracks, and have so far had Hotel California (fine, and curiously quaint and apposite); some Bowie like music; a couple of generic Hispano-rock numbers, one rap song, and now some very nasty Hispano-electronica, going Loca Loca Loca rather too often.  There are reasons not to be too attached to N. Hoover St.

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