Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the memorial dashboard

I was very worried, before taking my car in to be serviced today, that some assiduous mechanic would wipe clean the paw marks on the dashboard - where Emmett made his last exploration, back in the spring, on his final car journey to the vet.  They're a poignant reminder each day - and, I suppose one might say, a mawkish, even Victorian memorialization, but I can't bear to clean them off.  Luckily whoever cleaned and tidied the car couldn't bear it, either - and I know the dashboard was cleaned, because the plastic lizard was moved.  Yes, that is indeed a plastic lizard - when I took an alt pro photo class with Christopher James a few years back - a totally wonderful experience - we were all given lizards at the end of it, and told to display them, so that we'd recognize that yes, elsewhere in the world there are people who enjoy, say, doing albumen prints.  Only I've never seen another one, even at the Eastman Museum in Rochester, where I had high hopes ...

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