Sunday, November 4, 2012

serendipity versus purpose

So I went out hunting one particular piece of new street art this afternoon, and failed to find it - or failed to recognize it (less probable) or didn't look high enough (more than possible), but I found plenty else that was diverting.  Here - just outside the 99 cent store on the base of a lamppost, was a slightly cracked perspex ball apparently containing some kind of clockwork mechanism.

And here is a wall of miscellaneous art, just about where I was looking.  The "vote Romney" spray is particularly well positioned.

And here is a lovely set of fading faces, on a wheelie bin.

And here a different wheelie bin, which, like Vote Romney, will be indelibly datable to 2012.

And here's a decoration flying from a tree above Hoover Street,

and here, somewhat closer to what/where I was looking for, is a discarded mattress - which to anyone from my Visual Studies class will take us straight back to the use of an abandoned mattress as a site for graffiti earlier in the semester.  This one is somewhat more poetic.  

Taken as a whole, today's haul (and this is only a part of it - but it represents that which may be the most transitory) made me think about the differences and connections between documentary (which is what, in effect, I was setting out to do - me, a camera, a purpose - and the serendipitous, the chance.  Probably my favorite image, qua image, is the ball (I keep trying mentally to turn it into this year's Christmas card, but think its appeal might need to much explanation or justification) - but I could never have predicted its appearance in front of me.

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