Sunday, November 25, 2012


Yes, this is pink - I can see why it says so (even if I'd be more inclined, myself, to call it a deep cyclamen).  But I don't really understand its presence (on a half-boarded up store front in Los Feliz, where we went looking for a fishmonger/butcher that turned out to be closed due its extensive, and probably well deserved Thanksgiving break), and still less do I understand the graffiti.  For the graffiti - "GOAIS"? - I keep trying to make it read "goats," but it doesn't, really - also seems to be in matching pink, and really, it's improbable to think that local gangs, even in hipsterhood, go around armed with color-toning cans of spray paint, waiting for just the right shade of sub-Picasso pasting to appear.

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