Friday, January 11, 2013


The couple of days before the semester starts usually manage to feel as though they are slightly off balance, and unevenly illuminated.  One ought to be able to get on either with the business of the semester, or (far-off dream) with one's research, but instead of which, one lives in a kind of limbo, desperately pushing back against everything that Monday (and thereafter) will bring.  Etc.  But in fact, I'm really looking forward to being in an undergraduate classroom again - my first experience of this at USC.  I'll be teaching a new version of my Writing and Photography course from a couple of years back: this time round, I know I'll be deliberately paying much more attention to the role that the on-line presence and dissemination of images plays.  I also know that - like tonight, evidently - there will be many more nights when I don't get away from campus before dusk ...

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