Friday, January 4, 2013

treading on texts

I'm sure that Club Monaco - one of the stores in the slightly glitzy mall by the side of the MLA - didn't deliberately theme its windows to coincide with the convention, but I love the way in which a whole lot  of books have been torn apart, their pages fluttered to the ground, and sprayed with gold paint.  This seems to suggest that there are a whole lot of things that one can do with texts than perform 20-minute long analyses of them.  To be fair to today's conference going, I heard a number of papers (Patricia Yaeger talking quite inspiringly about trash; Cathy Davidson and Bethany Nowviskie on the Digital Humanities, say), which smashed some paradigms in a very action-provoking way - they alone made me want to get back to work, and back to the classroom - a feeling that may not endure the beginning of the semester, but let's hope.

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