Monday, January 7, 2013


Handsome, yes - but this is why our cats are definitely Indoor Cats (despite a dreadful scratching sound earlier today, which was Walter Gomez spreadeagled over a window screen, apparently trying to pull it out).  This guy was just over our yard wall today.  The picture was taken from a safe distance inside, though - with a telephoto lens - but he clearly knew that I was there.  During dinner this evening, there was a dreadful yipping and howling just outside the front door - sounded like a whole pack of them - and then total silence.  I think that means one rabbit the less.  So we wait to see what our new house (still looking likely) will bring by way of wildlife - its yard backs onto Griffith Park, where there are many of these, and bobcats, and at least one mountain lion.  I've just packed the binoculars, and a bird book ...

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