Saturday, January 19, 2013

window gazing

it's not usual for me to be at USC all day on a Saturday, but we were interviewing prospective graduates (and a very good lot they were, too), and I even managed to make a small dent on the admin backlog from the first week of the semester.  I may even be up to - oh, say, half way through Tuesday, now.  Campus was looking wonderfully picturesque - of course, Los Angeles in January is a major carrot that we dangle in front of applicants.  At least two of the six had never been to LA before this weekend, and were not a little blown away by their trip to the Getty this afternoon.  The view from my office window, just as the sun was going down, manages to look just how a campus should look.  As one of the candidates said - the place looks as though it was designed by Disney.  I think that was intended as a compliment?

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