Sunday, January 13, 2013

the afterglow of home staging

- in very literal terms.  We bought these rechargeable mock candles to light up a dark shelf (a shelf that normally held blankets, and occasionally cats), and they are really rather effective (not least because said cats can't catch their tails on fire in them).  We're currently engaged in a ridiculously decorous correspondence with the sellers of our new house about Furniture - one week they want to sell some, then maybe none, now maybe all - and there are some good pieces there (we might even be able to furnish a guest room without it being a repository for items that don't quite fit anywhere else).  It's notable how very much we rely on the agents' photos for deciding about these things (and here, of course, I have in mind my first class tomorrow, on Writing and Photography, and the fact that we're asking the question, this week - what is a photograph? and what work can it do?).  Yes, it augments memory, in this case, or supplants it - not just because my capacity to remember whether an unmemorable chair is covetable or not is limited, but because things get changed around - there are a couple of lamps that I swear we've not actually physically seen, but are imaged on the web site.  And looking through our agents' new listings, how well we know the Exercises in Decluttering that have gone on behind all those scenes onto which people are invited to project their Habitation Lust.

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