Friday, January 25, 2013

things I won't miss about 962, part 7,007

This morning - trying to work, in reality just putting out tiny administrative conflagration after conflagration - was interrupted by a helicopter circling round, and round, and round, and round, and round, and round overhead.  At some point I went out to take a picture of it, and saw variegated neighbors also looking upwards.  They may also have been looking at - may also have called in, as we did a little later - what we then spotted: the new graffiti on the fence at the back of the vacant lot next door.  Quite proficient graffiti, one might add: hovering somewhere between gang art and something more interesting.  But still - graffiti, and one doesn't want it next door.  Who knows if the helicopter was connected, or not, but we then saw a police car stopped outside a house further up the street and its occupant talking to a woman in the front yard (yes, the bird watching binoculars came in handy).  And we checked on line, and couldn't see anything particularly pertinent to today, but did find that a young man had been robbed at gunpoint down the street on Tuesday night (there again, what he was doing sitting on a front stoop with his laptop and headphones at 11.05 p.m. is a very good question).  But we also found that some guy had been shot in the arm, a few streets over, on Monday night for, yes, challenging some kids who were graffiti-ing a fence.  Hmmmm.  This both makes us very happy to be leaving, and just a little guilty when it comes to wondering how our buyer will feel about her surroundings.

So, yes, we won't miss the 'hood.  Though the view from the deck was pretty good on this rainy morning.  But we can't actually see it from a room ... two weeks today, we should be ensconced and staring at something quite spectacular from our living room ...

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