Monday, March 4, 2013

battersea power station

This might have been my favorite Christmas present this year.  My father has taken to buying me a handful of greetings cards from the local Wimbledon bookstore (a very good present indeed - for some reason, British greetings cards seem to be vastly preferable to US ones), and this is Battersea Blue III - a linocut by Paul Catherall.  He's a contemporary printmaker (interestingly, wrongly, I'd thought this a 1930s image).  So I've just rushed on line to see if I can buy a print.  Of course, it's sold out.  I'm musing over his Flatiron image - since I love that building so much - but it doesn't have the same Londonny resonance as this, alas.  Perhaps I'll just frame the card ...

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