Tuesday, March 26, 2013

freedom of speech

I was deeply depressed as I crossed campus this lunchtime en route to the ATM, since there was a solo guy sitting on a chair wearing a large sandwich board proclaiming HOMOSEX IS A GOD DAMNED SIN.   I wasn't just depressed at the sentiment, or at the fact that he was spoiling the aesthetic and affective view on campus, but because no one was challenging him, and this reminded me all too strongly of my dear former student Lauren, who, when we had the Holy Ranter on College Avenue, at Rutgers, proclaiming such stuff, organized a same-sex kiss-in in front of him.  I miss her spirit, so much.

But when I returned - just a few minutes later - there was a guy with a hastily put together home made placard, saying "Pay No Attention to this Fear Monger.  Be Your self.  Be Happy."  That, in itself, cheered me up.


  1. I find myself wondering, every so often, what Lauren would be doing now.

    I love what you've written about her.

    1. Thank you! Ah, me too - I think about Lauren such a lot. And I miss her.