Sunday, March 17, 2013


That wasn't meant to happen.  I inserted my camera's picture card into the reader, and it swallowed all the pictures - I guess reformatted the card? - anyway, wiped it.  No tragedy there - I download it every day into dropbox, so I didn't lose anything, except, most probably, a rather dull picture of some abandoned chairs (it's been too long since I posted an Abandoned Chairs picture) from this afternoon's blustery walk.  One of my never-fulfilled sequence projects was to take a daily picture of my working desktop - I think I started, but felt very self-conscious about what I was or wasn't revealing - but this evening (late, no time for staging) I just pointed the camera at - well, what gets revealed is a surprising and atypical set of things floral: a British Red Cross card showing some roses (that was from my parents, at Christmas); an unused Christmas parcel tag (signs here, indeed, that I haven't been here for nearly three months ...); a strange pen with a pansy at the end that I bought in the art museum in Raleigh NC.  The rural theme is continued through my John Deere pen and brush holder (almost certainly something the tin caddy wasn't designed for), and a contemporary wood engraving of a swan.  I've just picked that up, and hiding behind it is a postcard of Samuel Palmer's The Lonely Tower, which would have been a far more probable thing for me to have foregrounded if I'd given this image any thought.  I'm shocked to find the painting (in the Huntington) is c.1880: it's so very strange to think that Samuel Palmer could, possibly did, ride the London Underground.

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