Friday, March 29, 2013

global warming

This afternoon I went for a drive up into the mountains, which would have been spectacular if it wasn't for all the new construction that spreads greyly over a lot of the flatter bits of mid Utah - much the same oversized sprawling blight that one gets in Colorado near Denver, and that houses people who then consumer water.  And more water.  And, even though it's spring, and even though the Park City ski resort has had around 215 inches of snow this year (which sounds a lot, until you consider that the 20 year average is 367 inches) there wasn't actually a whole lot of run off happening.  These pictures were taken at the Jordanelle Reservoir - which was only constructed in 1995 - which really dramatically shows how low the water level is.  The whole surreal dried, yet spongey once-muddy surface looked like the setting for some post apocalypse movie.  Don't let anyone tell you that global warming is a myth ...

In the whole long drive from Provo to Heber City to Park City to Salt Lake City (Whole Foods!  Salad!), and back to Provo - no Interstate driving involved, out of exploration-curiosity - I saw one house flourishing a big rainbow flag, and no liquor stores until the one I located when I was back in Provo (and, admittedly, took the advice proffered by Google).

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