Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring break

There's nothing remotely spring-like (though I'll come back to that disclaimer) about this picture, and nothing much break-like about it, either.  But then there's nothing break-like about SB.  I'd thought that I would catch up on a whole load of admin, but of course, it carried on germinating and spawing in my in-box.  I'd vowed that I'd get all my slide shows done right up to the end of the semester - an ambition that I started to downgrade to "next week's slides" - and now I'm thinking that they might not exactly leap into being until the weekend.

But wait - what are those dark silhouettes in the foreground?  Yes!  Daffodils!  If daffodils are here, surely that first, faint sniff of a breeze of the semester's end is wafting forward?  At the very least, much though I miss the kitties, it's great to have a few days away so that we can put out flowers, without Moth deciding that they are some wild new plaything.

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