Saturday, March 30, 2013


I'm not entirely sure why I went around the art museum at the University of Utah this morning taking pictures of hands (after, that is, visiting the ostensible reason for going in the first place: a show of images of/by Native Americans in the C20th, many of them around Taos pueblo or on Navajo land).  This top image is a hand right at the bottom of the frame of a Portrait of a Woman, 1639, by a Dutch artist, Pieter Dubordieu.  My camera didn't, evidently, like this new obsession one little bit: this is the second point and shoot I've had give up the ghost on me in the last four years, with the shutter fragmenting and, fundamentally, giving up the ghost.  Bah.  Unsurprising, I guess, given that I carry it everywhere and give it a pretty hard work-out.

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