Saturday, June 22, 2013


Our yard lights, tonight, should really have been left off in homage to Supermoon, which rose extraordinarily big and round and bright.  Our first dinner party of the summer, with Merry Scully, who brought some quite exquisite homemade strawberry balsamic ice-cream - and the occasion happily also threw us into doing some yard toadying and planting, with much lamentation, on my part (since I was the person replanting the desiccated flower pots) of the demise of Santa Fe Gardens.  What with that gone, and Packards on the plaza closing, and there not being enough money to run the Santa Fe Southern Railway this summer (so, alas, no Pride train coming through Eldorado), it's as though the long, slow effects of the recession, as opposed to the immediate panicked ones - are starting to show (and, in the case of the nursery, the effect of drought).  Driving into town this afternoon, there was a whole new plume heading skywards from the Jaroso fire.

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