Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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That's not my best lettering, but let's hope it's effective.  We left the wreath from Christmas on the front door - not too festive, it looked cheerful rather than seasonal.  And when we drove up last week - how sweet - there was a little empty nest built into it!  Only the next morning, there were three mid-blue eggs in the nest, and now we don't open or shut it, or do anything that might startle the finch who's sitting on it, but go round the side of the house, tripping over grass tussocks, to the back door.  This notice explains - "bird nesting on front door" - and then asks UPS, etc., to leave packets right there on the path ... Incubation period supposedly is 13-14 days.  Then there'll be another - oh, let's say, we should get our front door back by mid-July.

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