Thursday, June 20, 2013

neatly stacked

I'm sure that I really intend the mesh drawers at the back of my closet for some sartorially practical purpose, like storing underwear, but two of this house's inhabitants seem to have other ideas.  I'm extremely happy to find this Peaceable Kingdom scene.  It's a year and a day since we brought home the tiny (hard to believe, looking at the top shelf) Walter Gomez and Moth (not in image - probably off playing with a toy mouse), and LucyFur (bottom shelf) took a long, long while to tolerate them, muttering I HATE KITTENS for an indecently long time.  Indeed, she barked at them - wuff! - which I've never heard another cat do.  But now, most of the time, as this demonstrates, she is, at the very least, accepting.

Walter doesn't really fit, does he?

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