Saturday, June 8, 2013

no ai grandi navi

Here are two tourist-y views of Venice, taken this morning as I was heading off to catch a vaporetto to the station.  But.  I am just sorry that I won't be in Venice for the big (I hope) march on Sunday against the big cruise liners.  Here's one sailing in, past the end of the little canal that I was staying on, and then one heading off to sea past the mouth  of the Grand Canal.  Of course, the people on board will get great views ... I first arrived in Venice myself, by boat, something for which I've always been extremely thankful: I took a cargo boat (which accepted passengers, just about) up from Athens, slept on deck, and spent the day time reading - most incongruously - George Eliot's Scenes from Clerical Life, which I'd found in a second hand book store in Athens, and watching the deserted Albanian coast slide by.  But that's no defense for all the pollution and silt-disturbance - not to mention the overcrowding of Venice itself - that these monsters are responsible for.

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