Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A purple sweet potato

Who knew?  I certainly didn't.  This has been a remarkable discovery, and North Carolina, the US Home of the Sweet potato, is the right place to have made it (though curiously, the best article that I found on its development and cultivation was a little while back in the LA Times.)  And this makes it clear that other people knew about purple sweet potatoes anyway, like the Japanese.  I'm hoping that it was terrifically healthy, with all those anthocyanins (and that purple is such a terrific color, I'd like to extract some juice and use it to make an anthotype or two.  I've just remembered that I saved some pulverized mulberries for that purpose, too, but they're in the freezer in Santa Fe).  For the culinary curious, that's Greek yoghurt, and cilantro.  Some of you will be well aware that Alice cannot stand cilantro (gene deficiency; tastes of soap); you won't be surprised that I am eating large quantities of the stuff in her absence.

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