Sunday, January 17, 2016

orange and white

To be sure, in a dark, grey day - sleeting, or depositing very wet snow, for much of the morning - I didn't feel any great rush of photographic inspiration.  Indeed, some photographic depression set in - I've been engaging seriously with the task of sorting, labeling, deleting more photographs from the past six or so years than I even dare think about, and I became quite convinced that I took better pictures back in 2010.  That being said - I also took, and presumably also on occasions then when inspiration lagged, a good number of really pleasing flower images.  So there's a pattern in my reversion.  And serendipity, too, because when I tried to reconstitute this shot today in order to experiment with some different lighting, I couldn't get the petals to curve in this reciprocal way again.

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