Monday, January 18, 2016

sky line

The temperature crept above freezing by mid-afternoon.  Since it was MLK day, I was working from home, which was a great incentive to go in search of Durham's Perfect Cup of Coffee, to be found at the terrific Cocoa Cinnamon, which might well become my new hiding place, at least when it's warmer (and if there's any space between the massed ranks of hipsters and Duke students).  There was the added incentive of the money that they were giving today from the sale of expresso and chocolate drinks to boost the coffers of a couple of kids in the East Durham Childrens' Save Initiative, in honor of the day.  Further up W. Geer Street was this wonderful mural, which manages to be of the city and enhance the city: walking round today was to see Durham at its wintry best.

And then there was an abandoned railroad, heading into the trees ... I'm sure I'll return to this as a subject, but here's a taster ...

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