Friday, January 15, 2016

peñasco blue

This evening, I took down my first bulb of Peñasco Blue garlic - about time, too, because it's just starting to dry (this is normal: it's an easy-to-cook with garlic because it has a very loose papery skin, but at the same time, this doesn't really protect it very well).   This particular strain of garlic - gourmet heritage garlic - has been grown around Peñasco, NM (on the High Road to Taos, and somewhere, I see on Zillow, where you can still buy a 2-bedroom house for 79K) for thirty years or more, and it's one of my favorite NM garlics.  I bought this strand at the Santa Fe Farmers' Market at the end of the summer, and it's been hanging from a kitchen cupboard door ever since I moved into this little apartment, reminding me.

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