Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Here, back in Durham NC, DandyLion - Bitzi, to some of you, but we've wondered if reverting to her original name will give her a little more self-respect - Dandy is still under the bed.  There have been many updates from cat sitters about her purring, her rolling over and over (whilst under the bed), her desire to be stroked - but, well, she's still there.  But.  Obviously she comes out to use her tray, and eat - and, I think my bedspread (genuine Amish, from Pennsylvania) bears witness - to sit on the bed.  Indeed, there's even orange fur inside it.

I've spent a good deal of today reading books about flash photography and police evidence (who knew that they put some kind of red substance inside footprints in the snow, so that flash doesn't reflect back off the icy surface).  There's some nasty stuff in there. when they're not using embarrassed looking police cadets as models, but are reproducing real scene-of-crime shots (no trigger warnings on the covers, either).  But there are no instructions about how to get the best angle on furry bed-covers.

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