Thursday, January 7, 2016

not messin' with Texas

This manages to look like a framed photo - it's a - I tell myself, because this is Texas - a bullet-shattered window somewhere behind the State Capitol, in a derelict building, reflecting, of course, not just the architecture opposite, but a white pick-up truck.  On my walk to the U of T's Co-op to buy an external hard drive (computer memory seems funky, don't ask), there were various strange sights as well as this:

a doorway to nowhere - The Wm B Travis what?  Building?  with a mock-leopard-skin rug covering a nearby bench; and this impossible hipster-ish person, with a sign on the wall exhorting one to Live A Great Story.  If you're looking for an image for your Narrative Studies course web page, feel free to borrow ...

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