Monday, May 29, 2017

a merwolf, and some carefully curated things ...

Our last full day in Italy: a morning bus ride from Praiano to Positano - very pretty from afar (if impossible to draw, as I found after spending an hour or so at the task from our room's balcony), and then pretty enough close up, on the road into town - with beach umbrellas spread out waiting for the HORDES OF TOURISTS who packed the streets.

So we took refuge in the Cathedral - white and tranquil, with a Black Madonna over the altar, and on the bell tower, the most wonderful Merwolf (with a little wolf cub, and seven fishes - who knew that there was a wolf-mermaid creature out there?).

The city's benches are most stylish, 

and the view is wonderful - but ultimately, we were very grateful to be back in peaceful Praiano, with the carefully curated lily arrangements (etc) in our outrageously stylish hotel.

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