Tuesday, May 23, 2017

last day in Florence ... miscellaneous Art

Here are some souvenirs (none purchased, you'll be glad to hear) outside the Duomo - I was rather taken by turning Brunelleschi's dome into an umbrella, though.

Here is the most utterly adorable unicorn, in a side chapel in Santa Croce;

here an excerpt from a quite wonderful performed video introducing one into the life and performed campness of Herbert Horne - complete with animated designs on the wall behind him (the museum is great, too - a small but perfectly formed intro to Renaissance art genres and materials, and also to late C19th text and print - I was so glad to see copies of the Century Guild Hobby Horse, which featured in my PhD - and of course I didn't know enough at the time to understand what I could have been doing with it.

A lion - a positively Venetian lion, but actually guarding Dante outside Santa Croce;

Dante, reflected and reflecting, in a window by Santa Croce;

and, inside Santa Croce, some fish.

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