Sunday, May 28, 2017

corners of praiano and amalfi, and a scavenging cat

It's extraordinarily beautiful here, in every direction. I'd post shots of the coast as seen from the bus that we took to Amalfi, were I'd been able to extricate my camera, find a window, or have more than one leg to stand on (it was a very, very full bus ...).  But waiting for it, here's the church roof in Praiano;

and at the other end - only 9 km away from where we're staying, but a lifetime when you're standing on that one leg, and also much, much more full of tourists ... here's Amalfi cathedral;

one of the many C18th presepios, or nativity scenes, to be found on the streets of Amalfi (this one incorporates a fountain, pool, and goldfish as well);

the interior of a paper museum, which acted as a brief history of the different phases of paper making in Amalfi, from medieval times through to 1969 (at this mill - there's still a more modern mill up the road) - they made sugar paper, or paper for wrapping food in, not fancy stuff;

the local stream, that drove the paper mill;

back in Praiano, another corner of the steep path down to the sea;

and on the steep steps up to the village, a scavenging cat, very, very serious in its intentions.

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