Wednesday, May 3, 2017

my favorite dog

(with apologies to all other possible contenders for the title).  This is Maddy, a large and, well, rather ridiculous dog, although she wouldn't, I'm sure, like to see herself in such a light ...  She has a poignant, loud whine when she's the other side of a door, which, somehow, she always is ... The triumph of Maddy, so far as I'm concerned, is that she's managed to make me unafraid of her.  I was bitten by a very large dog when I was fourteen - an African Ridgeback, whom I made the mistake of trying to pass when she was blocking my way on the pavement in our road.  The following week, she savaged both the postman, and a small child, and that was the end of that particular canine.  But it left me for decades with the tendency to freeze, even quiver, if a large dog bounded up to me - and of course dogs are extra smart when it comes to scenting fear in a human.  But not Maddy - she's always treated me as her best friend (and yes, Maddy, I've forgiven you, long ago, for that scarf of mine you ate).

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