Monday, May 1, 2017


After all that precipitation, it was extremely easy to pull up tumbleweed from our back yard - this bouquet (headed for the trash bin - no way am I having its little seeds infect my compost) was gathered in about ten minutes.  I swear that by the end of the day it'd grown back.

Maybe 14 years ago - the first summer that I was in this Eldorado house; before there was a wall on the back yard (not that it's made any difference to the rampant weediness), I asked a friend who'd come round for a drink what the lovely, delicate, frondy little plants were.  I envisaged something ever so pretty by way of wildflower blooms.  His reply disillusioned me not a little.  I've subsequently found that one can eat young frilly tumbleweed: maybe I should make a salad with it and all the very clean dandelion leaves that are happily growing out there, too.

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