Thursday, May 4, 2017

the duplicity of spring shadows

Ah, yes: it's a pretty wall; a pretty sky; a pretty set of shadows.  But it can only stand as a momentary respite of beauty: I have spent so much of today - the latter half of today - angry with Republicans, angry with - no, not strong enough a word - ferociously full of outraged at the smug pink stupid man in the White House and his smug cohort of cronies and sycophants, who even if they turn round and bite him aren't, for the most part, likely to be any better - just less obviously bloatedly repellent and (some of them, at any rate) with somewhat smaller personal coffers to fill at the expense of people with so much less.  I've been super-angry on the behalf of all my many friends with pre-existing conditions of one kind or another - which, by the time you get to my age, is a large number of people.  So this is, for once, an image that reflects nothing, absolutely nothing, of what I've spent so much of today feeling.

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