Monday, June 5, 2017

door work

Our front door has a little hinged door in the middle of it, with an ironwork grille on the outside - perfect for opening up so that one can get a (pre the days of a/c) current of air traveling through the house, or perfect for seeing, for that matter, who's rung the front door bell.  However.  We had the door re-surfaced a few weeks ago - a job involving much smelly varnish, but this will probably preserve the woodwork against sun and rain (?) and the sharp nibbly teeth of termites.  But our painter managed to varnish the little door tight shut, so that it was pretty much glued into place.  So he's back.  Here we have duck tape over it in some optimistic attempt to keep Moth from exploring her way through it (in fact, she's been kept in a closed room all day - we didn't think this would work) - and yes, that is a NM chile wreath from Christmas - very useful when one needs some sharp dry chile pepper.  Somehow, the overall effect, at least in a photo, is like unusual stained glass.

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