Saturday, June 24, 2017

why I like Agua Fria Nursery so much ...

In the first place, of course, because they sell wonderful plants, with an emphasis on plants that have been grown, organically, here in NM, and that will grow here happily.  But also because they are kind to people, as well as to the earth: if you can't read this notice at the doorway to the shop part, it says:
In This House We Believe
No Human is Illegal
Love is Love
Science is Real
Women's Rights are Human Rights
Black Lives Matter
Water is Life
And Kindness is Everything
- on New Mexico turquoise with the NM state symbol women into the border.  That just about covers all bases.

And then, it's the most verdant and surprising of nurseries, since it plants out what it doesn't sell, in a haphazard and happy jumble (its land stretches way out in the back), and one can never tell what one will discover.

It mixes up - in its own beds and on the tables of plants for sale - the edible and the inedible.

And it's kind to its own critters - here's a sunbathing snake on top of a water meter.  When a young man who was helping me load bags of potting soil into my car saw a Very Large Snail on one of the plants I was buying, he tenderly carried it off to a nearby flowerbed to carry on being a snail.  It's always a treat to go there.

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