Friday, June 9, 2017

the view from my desk chair

... the view, at any rate, when I swivel round and away from the screen.  I've pretty much chained myself to my desk today - I had to finish writing an article, for my own sanity, and this week has been far too full of political distraction.  Indeed, I feel as though all this past academic year has been full of political distraction, and I would love to think that I might have some success in not clicking on various news sites every few minutes during the day, to see what's happened now.  The company in my study has also been a little distracting: Moth and LucyFur may look demure enough here, but you may perceive that their backs are pointedly turned on each other.  Both would prefer to be on my desk as I write: failing that, Lucy likes to squeeze behind me on my chair, and growl, and - worse - bark at Mothy when she comes too close.  She is the only barking cat I've ever known.  Woof.

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