Sunday, June 25, 2017

visitors from across the Atlantic encounter New Mexican food ...

Passing through Santa Fe on their Route 66 road trip ... Aneta, Hana and Dave.  Aneta (although I know her from Wimbledon) and Hana are Polish; Dave's English, and for a Genuine New Mexican Breakfast, we met them at The Pantry.  Dave had the biggest burrito ever seen - and entered into the NM spirit by having it Christmas - i.e. with both red and green chile.  Chile was not exactly what Aneta and Hana went for ... but their breakfasts looked every bit as good as ours.  OK - how many years have I been coming to Santa Fe?  Twenty-three, I think.  The Pantry has been there since 1948, but this was Alice and my first visit.  It certainly won't be the last.  And it's so exciting to introduce people to New Mexico, even if they've temporarily abandoned Route 66 and have whizzed on up to Durango.

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