Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the money frog

This is our money frog.  It usually lives by the front door, where - with a cent in its mouth - it's meant to bring us - well, money.  Or at least good financial fortune, of some kind.  It's made its way onto a windowsill so it didn't get knocked during some furniture moving, but I think it's meant to be by the front door.  It's Serbian; a souvenir of a wonderful evening on a restaurant boat on the Bosphorus in Belgrade, with the USC women's volleyball team coaches and trainers, some 5 years ago - and ever since then, I've been thinking this was some quaint Serbian custom (we were all given one; all told to place it by the front door).  It turns out, now that I check it out, that there's nothing Serbian about it whatsoever, apart from it provenance (and the fact that there are a lot of frogs in the Bosphorus).  It's a feng shui frog, and should be used to create financial good energy - by the front door, to be sure, with its mouth pointing away from it, to bring that prosperity into the house.  But not, I learn, on the floor, since that's considered disrespectful.  So I think it's going to have to be replaced on the hallway bookcase.

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