Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This is the side of a food truck from which all kinds of synthetic and unhealthy things are being unloaded into a Taco Bell in Gallup, NM.  We ourselves were breakfasting on bean and cheese tacos.

But doesn't La Posada have wonderful breakfasts, you ask?  Were you not looking forward to your Arizona Green Chile Eggs, complete with that tomatillo sauce?  Their fresh squeezed orange juice, perhaps?  Alas.  Let's just say that it wasn't a Peaceful Night With Cats.  LucyFur, unsettled, took it out on Moth, and on us.  The only way she would stop hissing and yowling was when she took full possession of the bed, under the covers.  This left us huddling under a thin blanket on a mock leather sofa.  So we hit the road very very early - a beautiful clear still empty light, and all the shooting in Alexandria, all the aftermath of the London tower block fire, all the breaking news of the day, faded in and out with the unpredictability of NPR stations when one's on the long road.

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