Sunday, August 1, 2010


A week away, during which time it rained and rained here: our tumbleweed is chin high (and we can't even go out and whack it in the back yard, because the second batch of bluebirds has hatched. After this family has been reared, that bluebird house is moving round the front - we've hardly been able to use the back yard all summer). And the sunflowers have sprouted and flowered all over Eldorado (and the Mexican Hats, and wild thyme, and mulleins, and wild gourds).

I wish I'd discovered yesterday that I'd taken this photo - below - (from the car, in Southern Colorado), because I vastly prefer it to the one that I did put up - even though I probably wouldn't have had much to say about it - I particularly like the speed-blurred fence posts.

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