Saturday, August 28, 2010

waiting in the car

One thing is for sure - that however much we might enjoy our cats' company (at either end, and in hotel rooms along the way), they are inhibitors of exploration. So it was that I got to stay in the car whilst Alice went and raided Columbus's farmers' market this morning (so alas, no chance to go and hunt down Jeni's icecreams - not least because the end of this street was blocked off for a charity run, and we didn't know how we would make our way onto the nearest interstate). I was sorry not to see the market (A came back bearing wonderful cheese and bread and tomatoes, and we later picnicked - a few feet from the car, to keep the a/c running ... on the banks of the Alleghany) - but watched the run participants, and the guy slumped on a bench, instead. The plastic lizard? He is a souvenir of the photo course I took earlier in the summer - Christopher, our instructor, gave them out to us all, to sit on our dashboards, so that all former students of his, up and down the country, form a lizard-recognizing community wherever we might run into one another. Only I haven't seen any fellow reptilians, as yet ...

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